[webkit-gtk] buttons not 3D transforming properly - maybe volunteer to fix?

David P. Reed dpreed at reed.com
Fri Feb 5 09:13:30 PST 2010

I just built GTK Webkit with 3D transforms enabled, and tried this demo:


While it works fine in Safari 4 on my Mac, and has a bug with 
transforming the video on my iPod Touch, it is pretty much working in 
GtkLauncher, except for this problem: the buttons are rendered, but the 
transform is only applied to the text and not to the buttons (and the 
text transform seems to scale the text wrong).

I'd be happy to try to figure out how to fix this and submit a patch, 
but before I do that, being brand new to this community, I'd appreciate 
knowing if this is likely to be already worked on or extremely tangled 
with other problems.  (if so, I could file a bug in the bug database for 
webkit under the GTK port).

- David
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