[webkit-gtk] [PATCH] Patch to build win32/gtk version

Jean-Philippe Chancelier jpc at cermics.enpc.fr
Mon Oct 5 00:03:38 PDT 2009

    Phil> I'm attaching a patch for WebCore/platform/FileSystem.h.  This patch
    Phil> changes the order of some #if/#else/#elif so that when building
    Phil> webkitgtk for win32, the gtk mechanisms (e.g. GModule) are used rather
    Phil> than win32 mechanisms (e.g.  HMODULE).

    Hello Phil, 
    I tried to build webkitgtk for win32 (webkit- now) and 
    posted last week a pb I had with the resulting test binary.
    GtkLauncher.exe do not display the contents of files 
    opened with file://  but works with network files http:// .
    The files seams to be properly found but the html rendering 
    do not work. Have you experienced the same pbs or not and have 
    you any clues ? 


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