[webkit-gtk] Bug 32985: Changes for building webkit/gtk/win32

Josip josip at pisoj.com
Tue Dec 29 14:39:33 PST 2009

On 29.12.2009 20:59, Matthew Talbert wrote:

> Do you mind if I ask you why you chose pango as the font backend
> rather than freetype? I ask because your binaries (as well as the ones
> created by the OpenSUSE mingw project) have serious issues with Hebrew
> texts (and perhaps other right to left texts).
> I am currently trying to cross-compile from Ubuntu, and have had to
> make quite a few patches and changes.
> Thanks,
> Matthew

Freetype version build fine, but i have problem making it works.
Don't know why, but just copying crossbuilded freetype to Windows not 
works, trying to change their setting files didn't works either so i 
just switch to pango which works for my case (character with accents and 


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