[webkit-gtk] Bug 32985: Changes for building webkit/gtk/win32

Phil Longstaff plongstaff at rogers.com
Mon Dec 28 10:07:23 PST 2009

I have submitted bug 32985 which contains some changes I needed in order to build webkit/gtk on win32.  It is not all of my changes, but it does contain the (I hope) most straightforward changes.

I have not included changelog entries.  Should I create the patch files so that each one patches 1) a file, and 2) a ChangeLog file?

I also have some questions about some GNUmakefile.am changes.  I needed to add -lwinmm to a number of lines (producing libwebkit and a number of the executables).  These would not normally be needed by a gtk build, but I'm surprised they are not needed by the webkit/win32 build.

I also needed to add -lgthread-2.0 to a number of lines (producing libwebkit and a number of executables).  I am surprised this file was not included in GTK_LIBS.  For win32, I can add "if TARGET_WIN32"/"endif" around the extra link arguments, but didn't see any examples of how to specify a GTK target.

I have more changes, mostly where I added "#if 0"/"#endif" to get rid of stuff to make it build.  I need to fix those areas, so I will be adding more patches.  So far, I have 1 patch per file.

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