[webkit-gtk] webkitenumtypes.h

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 19:52:32 PST 2009

On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 10:50 PM, Jenson Lui <jhnlui at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
>      Your glib version is too old, the glib-mkenums does not support
> basename text substitutions.
> Type glib-mkenums at prompt to see what production text substitutions
> are supported in your
> system.
>> glib-mkenums

This is most likely the problem. See output below. Thanks for the help!


matthew at matthew-desktop:~$ glib-mkenums
  glib-mkenums [OPTION...] [FILES...]

Help Options:
  -h, --help            Show this help message

Utility Options:
  --fhead <text>        Output file header
  --fprod <text>        Per input file production
  --ftail <text>        Output file trailer
  --eprod <text>        Per enum text (produced prior to value itarations)
  --vhead <text>        Value header, produced before iterating over enum values
  --vprod <text>        Value text, produced for each enum value
  --vtail <text>        Value tail, produced after iterating over enum values
  --comments <text>     Comment structure
  --template file       Template file
  -v, --version         Print version informations

Production text substitutions:
  @EnumName@            PrefixTheXEnum
  @enum_name@           prefix_the_xenum
  @valuenick@           the-xvalue
  @type@                either enum or flags
  @Type@                either Enum or Flags
  @TYPE@                either ENUM or FLAGS
  @filename@            name of current input file

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