[webkit-gtk] Video playback with webkit gstreamer

Michael A. Peters mpeters at mac.com
Wed Dec 2 05:32:02 PST 2009

Philippe Normand wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-12-02 at 04:01 -0800, Michael A. Peters wrote:
>> Philippe Normand wrote:
>>> On Wed, 2009-12-02 at 02:40 -0800, Michael A. Peters wrote:
>>>> anil v wrote:
>>>>> Hi All,
>>>>>   I have ported webkitGtk on to Ubuntu Linux with video enabled ( 
>>>>> gstreamer installed ). How to call play the video using gstreamer on 
>>>>> WebkitGtk ? Could any one suggest me ?
>>>> I can't answer your question but the packaged binaries (at least on 
>>>> jaunty) are getting closer.
>>>> Via the html5 media tags, epiphany / midori will now display the 
>>>> specified poster but do not yet play media, 
>>> Can you give a link of the page you try to load?
>> sure - ignore the incorrect border dimensions around media, that's a div 
>> around the media and is currently sent up for flowplayer (what I'm 
>> currently using as default on production) - this sample page is from my 
>> devel box which uses html5 media as default in code it spits out.
>> Audio does not play, video only shows poster.
>> I suspect it is the current ubuntu jaunty webkit build and not a problem 
>> with current webkit devel source.
>> http://www.shastaherps.org/sampleHTML5.html#multimedia
> Well without the controls patch merged you either have to use the
> autoplay attribute or the javascript API to trigger playback when a
> button is pressed.
> Sorry about that :/

Not a problem - I won't be ready to default to html5 media on the site 
until Firefox fixes their bug with short media clips (they frequently 
skip) anyway, and was actually thinking of defaulting to a javascript 
control bar so that I can define the height - it seems that when using 
built in control bar, width can be controlled but height is up to 
browser (and they differ, chromes is taller that firefox's for example)

I've been extremely impressed with webkit browsers on Linux, they rock - 
fast and standards compliant.

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