[webkit-efl] Consider to drop ewk_context_default_get

Ryuan Choi ryuan.choi at samsung.com
Tue May 13 00:45:12 PDT 2014

After discussed with hyuki,

I changed my mind.
Instead of dropping ewk_context_default_get, I suggested to
 - use default context for ewk_view_add
 - remove ewk_context_default_get in ewk_shutdown.

The basic reason is,
 - It's regression while refactoring ( r146265 )
 - Someone who use ewk_view_add() probably want to use webview as simple as possible.

Please let me know you opinion.

Sorry, for my previous email which contains broken and unnecessary items

Best Regards,
Ryuan Choi

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Date : 2014-05-12 10:30 (GMT+09:00)
Title : [webkit-efl] Consider to drop ewk_context_default_get


Long time ago, I added it while upstreaming ewebkit2.
It's for ewk_view_add which creates simple webview like ewebkit.

Now, I realized that ewk_view_add does not use ewk_context_default_get anymore.
Indeed, we didn't destroy it before, so webprocess is finised abnormally.

So, my suggestion is to drop ewk_context_default_get and guide.
Application can do same thing by storing ewk_context_new.

Best Regards,
Ryuan Choi

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