[webkit-efl] Build webkit-efl with OpenGL ES 2

Kristof Kosztyo kkristof at inf.u-szeged.hu
Fri Jul 25 08:52:34 PDT 2014

Hi all!

I am trying to build the webkit-efl with openGLES 2.
I could manage to do that with some modification in the cmake files (it 
seems the WebKit2's cmake file doesn't support the GLES) but when I 
start the Minibrowser it runs into segmentation fault at the beginning 
of the window creation.
The crash happens in the window_create() when it calls the elm_win_add 
You can check the full backtrace here 

My questions are the following:
Does the webkit-efl support the GLES out of the box or I missed something?
Do I have to link the dependencies with GLES?
There are any 'dummy proof' guide to follow?
Any further advice to accomplish this?

Best regards,
Kristof Kosztyo

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