[webkit-efl] minimal build as a guard of non-default build options

Žan Doberšek zandobersek at gmail.com
Sat Mar 30 05:32:19 PDT 2013

I believe similar functionality is already available by passing the
'--minimal' flag to the build-webkit script. Check out the source script if
it suffices your needs, but it basically disables all the features returned
by the getFeatureOptionList method.


On Sat, Mar 30, 2013 at 1:05 PM, Ed Bartosh <bartosh at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Would it make sense to build webkit-efl with as many as possible build
> options turned off as a method of guarding of non-default build options?
> Of course it's not an absolute guarantee that some combination of options
> fail a build, but I believe it's much better than buildiing with default
> options only.
> So far I come up with this method:
> # grep option Tools/Scripts/webkitperl/FeatureList.pm | sed -n 's/.*option
> => "\([^"]\+\)".*/--no-\1/p' |tr '\n' ' '
> --no-3d-rendering --no-accelerated-2d-canvas --no-battery-status --no-blob
> --no-canvas-path --no-canvas-proxy --no-channel-messaging --no-csp-next
> --no-css-device-adaptation --no-css-exclusions --no-css-filters
> --no-css3-conditional-rules --no-css3-text --no-css3-text-line-break
> --no-css-box-decoration-break --no-css-image-orientation
> --no-css-image-resolution --no-css-image-set --no-css-regions
> --no-css-shaders --no-css-sticky-position --no-css-compositing
> --no-css-transforms-animations-unprefixed --no-css-variables
> --no-custom-scheme-handler --no-datalist --no-data-transfer-items
> --no-details --no-device-orientation --no-dialog --no-directory-upload
> --no-dom4-events-constructor --no-download-attribute --no-file-system
> --no-filters --no-font-load-events --no-ftpdir --no-fullscreen-api
> --no-gamepad --no-geolocation --no-high-dpi-canvas --no-icon-database
> --no-iframe-seamless --no-indexed-database --no-input-speech
> --no-input-type-color --no-input-type-date --no-input-type-datetime
> --no-input-type-datetimelocal --no-input-type-month --no-input-type-time
> --no-input-type-week --no-inspector --no-javascript-debugger
> --no-legacy-notifications --no-legacy-vendor-prefixes --no-legacy-web-audio
> --no-link-prefetch --no-link-prerender --no-mathml --no-media-capture
> --no-media-source --no-media-statistics --no-media-stream --no-meter-tag
> --no-mhtml --no-microdata --no-mouse-cursor-scale
> --no-navigator-content-utils --no-netscape-plugin-api --no-network-info
> --no-nosniff --no-notifications --no-orientation-events
> --no-page-visibility-api --no-performance-timeline --no-progress-tag
> --no-proximity-events --no-quota --no-resolution-media-query
> --no-resource-timing --no-request-animation-frame --no-scripted-speech
> --no-shadow-dom --no-shared-workers --no-sql-database --no-style-scoped
> --no-suid-linux-sandbox --no-svg --no-svg-dom-objc-bindings --no-svg-fonts
> --no-system-malloc --no-template-element --no-text-autosizing
> --no-tiled-backing-store --no-threaded-html-parser --no-touch-events
> --no-touch-slider --no-touch-icon-loading --no-user-timing --no-vibration
> --no-video --no-video-track --no-webgl --no-web-audio --no-web-sockets
> --no-web-timing --no-workers --no-xhr-timeout --no-xslt
> Do you think this build would make sense? Would it improve the current
> situation? Any other ideas for the list of options that would make more
> sense than above list?
> --
> BR,
> Ed
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