[webkit-efl] Removing ewk_{init, shutdown}'s duplicated works with RunLoopEfl.cpp

EunMi Lee eunmi15.lee at samsung.com
Thu Sep 20 05:47:45 PDT 2012

Dear webkit-efl folks,

I'm writing to discuss about ewk_{init, shutdown} that are doing duplicated works with RunLoopEfl.cpp.
We initialize and shutdown the ecore, ecore_evas, ecore_file and edje in the RunLoopEfl's constructor and destructor.
so, I think we can remove duplicated works from the ewk_{init, shutdown}.
The ewk_{init, shutdown} also have codes to intialize g_type and glib, and we can move them to the RunLoopEfl.

In the WebKit2/EFL, we have WebContext which is created before creating ewk_view and RunLoop is created when we create first WebContext.
That means we have a location to initialize and shutdown the efl libraries that are used in the ewk - RunLoop.
so, we don't have to add ewk_{init, shutdown} API like WebKit1/EFL.
Additionally, I don't want to force applications to call ewk_{init, shutdown} before and after using ewk.
We have no choice but to use ewk_{init, shutdown} APIs in the WebKit1/EFL, but we can use RunLoopEfl in the WebKit2/EFL. 

I've created new bug for this work, but I want to listen your opinions before making patch.

Eunmi Lee

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