[webkit-efl] Log macro support for EINA_LOG_DOM_XXX series

Jinwoo Song jinwoo7.song at samsung.com
Tue Sep 18 22:02:21 PDT 2012

Dear webkit-efl developers,

I'd like to notice you the newerly added log macros which wrap the EINA_LOG_DOM_XXX series.

#define CRITICAL(...) EINA_LOG_DOM_CRIT(_ewk_log_dom, __VA_ARGS__)
#define ERR(...) EINA_LOG_DOM_ERR(_ewk_log_dom, __VA_ARGS__)
#define WRN(...) EINA_LOG_DOM_WARN(_ewk_log_dom, __VA_ARGS__)
#define INF(...) EINA_LOG_DOM_INFO(_ewk_log_dom, __VA_ARGS__)
#define DBG(...) EINA_LOG_DOM_DBG(_ewk_log_dom, __VA_ARGS__)

As you konw, the EINA_LOG_DOM_XXX logs a message on the speicified domain and format.
In webkit2, 'ewebkit2' domain is registered in ewk_init(), so if you want to use the 'ewebkit2' domain for the error log,
you can just use the simple log macros.

Actually, the macro names came from the webkit1, but IMO, it seems to be better to align with EINA_LOG's names.
If you have ideas or feedback, please let me know. :)


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