[webkit-efl] Deprecating WebKit EFL 1

Kangil Han kangil.han at samsung.com
Tue Oct 30 17:48:12 PDT 2012

Dear all,

FOA, I am strongly opposing this suggestion.

I know some people who are working on product that is using WK1.
It is alive!

High tech product such as mobile phone only has privilege to use good
Others even don't consider about multi-process architecture.

I strongly believe that the reason for existence of open source WebKit EFL
is encouraging more clients to have various kind of experience.

p.s. AFAIK, even one of other ports is considering to support WK1 mode as an
option to the user. Where this idea come from?

Kangil Han

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Nowadays, most of the development is happening on EWK2. Maybe is time
to trace some plans and discuss about when and how to deprecate the

Maintaining 2 APIs is like working on two different ports. You have
more bots to do gardening, more tests to run before submitting a
patch, more issues to solve, more APIs to document and write unit
tests. EFL has a small community of developers, focusing on a single
API will make us go faster and with more quality.

What I'm suggesting is:

- Announce (formal announcement here and EFL-dev) that EWK1 will be
considered deprecated and thus, feature frozen, starting from
- Remove any EWK1 bot on 15/may/2013.
- Remove it from the trunk on 01/jun/2013.

Cheers and please comment.
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