[webkit-efl] Common ref and unref functions for EFL WK2 objects

Kangil Han kangil.han at samsung.com
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Hi Mikhail,

> BTW, WK2 C API has geneiric ref/unfer functions and GTK also does.
Would you please let us know more specific information on this, i.e. wiki
url or something that help our understanding?

Kind regards,
Kangil Han

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I've already mentioned the proposal at

but think (and since nobody replied so far) it deserves new topic and new
thread, so duplicating proposal again here.

As all the ref-counting EWK classes are inherited from WTF::RefCounted
it is possible now to have generic REF/UNREF functions in the public API
instead of 
having separate pair of such functions for every object.

To say in more details we could introduce 
struct Ewk_Ref_Counted Ewk_Ref_Counted;
and following generic functions:
EAPI Ewk_Ref_Counted*  ewk_ref(Ewk_Ref_Counted*);
EAPI  ewk_unref(Ewk_Ref_Counted*);

then Ewk_Back_Forward_List_Item  might be declared for instance as

typedef Ewk_Ref_Counted Ewk_Back_Forward_List_Item;

so that it's clear that Ewk_Back_Forward_List_Item is ref-countable 
(or we could just mention in docs that given object is ref counted).

Would like to hear your opinion about this proposal.

BTW, WK2 C API has geneiric ref/unfer functions and GTK also does.

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