[webkit-efl] Support for WAI-ARIA standard.

Jussi Kukkonen jussi.kukkonen at intel.com
Thu Oct 11 01:00:47 PDT 2012

> > Cons:
> > - ATK is implemented using the Glib GType and Glib interface system which further means it heavily relies on it.

Oh come on now, gobject might be an eyesore but let's not think of
GLib use as "con" for a C library. Think of it like democracy: it
might suck but it's still pretty much the best option out there.

On Thu, Oct 11, 2012 at 12:38 AM, Kenneth Rohde Christiansen
<kenneth.christiansen at gmail.com> wrote:
> Another pro is that it is quite well tested by GNOME and I think the
> GTK guys made it already work with WebKit2.
> We already depend quite heavily on glib and similar libraries and I
> think that is fine, let's just not start depending on GTK+ :-)
> Can you list all dependencies? Just glib (with gobject)?

ATK does depend on gobject-2.0 heavily but that should be it, nothing
to add to jhbuild AFAIR.

- Jussi

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