[webkit-efl] Support for WAI-ARIA standard.

Krzysztof Czech k.czech at samsung.com
Wed Oct 10 09:22:59 PDT 2012

Dear EFL folks,

We are planning to add support for WAI-ARIA standard in WebKit EFL port.
At the beginning we'd like to have all layout tests related to WAI-ARIA 
to be passed.

We consider usage of Accessible Toolkit (ATK) library. ATK describes 
sets of independent
interfaces that can be adopted by application's widgets to be accessible.
What are pros and cons of such a solution.
- ATK is a toolkit independent API.
- ATK is implemented using the Glib GType and Glib interface system 
which further means it heavily relies on it.
- EFL doesn't support ATK (but it's not required by WAI-ARIA)

Here is a link to the master bug related to this topic:

I'm looking forward of hearing opinions about this idea.


Krzysztof Czech
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