[webkit-efl] Symbols visibility

Tomasz Morawski t.morawski at samsung.com
Tue Feb 28 05:18:59 PST 2012

Hi Lucas De Marchi,
> We started to use? It's there since almost 2 years ago.
OK, my wrong I have used wrong words. I was a little in shock when I
found how it works. I asked few people which work with this port about 
"how to export function from from efl port" and everybody said that I 
should use EAPI. Anyway, it is not "almost 2" years also. ;)

> We need to export this "c++ symbol" because of DRT; nothing normal
> users should care about.
Yes, I know that you have need it for DRT tool. So, we have public API
layer and "hidden" API layer for internal WebKit tools. Does it true?

>> how we will control symbols visiblity. I think linker
> I'm not saying it cannot be revisited, but this was discussed 2 years
> ago. See the corresponding bug in bugzilla, I remember I put some
> numbers there. The thing is that we try to hide all symbols that we
> can.
How it was before linker script? Did visibility ("hidden") or 
-fvisibility=hidden was used before?

> Have you seen  Source/autotools/symbols.filter ?
Yes, I have. Why are you asking?

I would like to discuses this topic only how we should clean up EAPI 
mess now or left it as it it. I am asking about it due to current 
situation is not clear:

I would like to ask:
1) what EAPI macro means in our port now?
2) how to find out base on code which function/c++ object is exported?
3) Should we not use EAPI any longer? Should we delete EAPI from our

Best Regards,
Tomasz Morawski

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