[webkit-efl] Update Skipped file of EFL layout test for Ubuntu 11.10

Dominik Röttsches dominik.rottsches at linux.intel.com
Fri Feb 24 02:58:11 PST 2012

On 02/24/2012 10:50 AM, Gyuyoung Kim wrote:
> Hello Dominik,
>>> Wouldn't it make sense to adopt the approach of the GTK port and to
>>> augment Ubuntu 11.10 with jhbuild?
> Yes, I agree with your suggestion. We also need to have a script like jhbuild to run layout test on same environment.
Good, we'll start looking into it and try to provide patches. I think, 
for the beginning we can work with the same dependencies as the gtk port 
defines in the jhbuild.modules.

One more reason this will prove useful: While looking into why the 
LayoutTests/jquery/* ones would fail on my system, I found what I 
believe is a regression in libsoup:

It's really important to have a defined library environment.

>>> If you let us know, we can work on
>>> 1) adopting JHBuild for EFL build procedure
>>> 2) creating a defined font configuration before runTest()
> I also think we should define which font we use when DRT is run. If you guys help to support above featurers, I'm willing to help your contribution. :-)

Yes, we'll start with JHBuild, then look at making font configuration 
more robust.

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