[webkit-efl] Update Skipped file of EFL layout test for Ubuntu 11.10

Gyuyoung Kim gyuyoung.kim at samsung.com
Thu Feb 23 22:54:34 PST 2012

Hello WebKit EFL folks,

As mentioned in below mail thread, I would like to set Ubuntu 11.10 as reference platform.

In order to run layout test on Ubuntu 11.10, we need to update *Skipped* file because layout test exit early when fail count is above 500.
IMHO, we need to run layout test as soon as possible because it is more clear to do rebaseline by means of reference platform.

I file a bug for this.

I got below result  by Bug 79440's patch on Ubunt 11.10 and similar result is shown on EFL build bot as well.

=> Results: 19465/28451 tests passed (68.4%)
=> Tests to be fixed (8986):
    239 text diff mismatch       ( 2.7%)
     21 image mismatch           ( 0.2%)
   8726 skipped                  (97.1%)
=> Tests that will only be fixed if they crash (WONTFIX) (0):

- Gyuyoung.

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