[webkit-efl] Few change suggestions in EFL port

Tomasz Morawski t.morawski at samsung.com
Thu Feb 16 03:50:34 PST 2012

I would like to propose changes related to some aspect of c programming
style used in our EFL WebKit port that could make our port more
consistent with other WebKit port like Gtk and Qt. Currently, we are
trying to follow some EFL libraries programming style that hides
structures declaration inside cpp files and use one single private
header file. I know that it works inside EFL's libraries but the our
WebKit port it is not and it will never be typical EFL's library. I
think current solution doesn't work well for example: overgrown files 
like ewk_view.h/cpp, ewk_frame.h/cpp files and ewk_private.h file, a lot 
of unneeded public API that is used only by internal WebKit tools (like 
DRT) but it will be never uses by final user. Moreover, there is a lot 
of programmers that would like to cleanup this mess and have more 
readable port architecture.

I suggest to:
1) Allow to define ewk_*_private.h files when it is needed and use it
internally like Gtk, Qt port does. It is possible to use ewk_*_private.h 
files by internal test application: the DRT tree or
other tests.

2) Move structures form cpp files to corresponding private header files
(approach like Gtk and typical for c programming)

3) Move private function from ewk_private.h to corresponding private
header files and delete this file (more objective)

After that:
4) Simplify and remove some code that will be no need after this
refactor (some code is only for handling private by force structures).

5) Reduce size of ewk_frame.h/cpp and ewk_view.h/cpp files by moving 
some declaration to ewk_*_private.h

6) We will follow typical for WebKit's port architecture like qt, gtk
port do (they use private file widely). Due to that the port code 
organization will be more familiar for gtk reviewers and newcomer 

What you think about this?

Best Regards,
Tomasz Morawski

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