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Wed Aug 1 07:28:53 PDT 2012

We have a great test framework: let&#39;s use it and make WebKit-EFL better=
Christophe Dumez<br>
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Intel Finland Oy - Open Source Technology Center<br>
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&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; Hi WebKit EFL,<br>
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; Thanks to the great work done by Krzysztof at the bug 6850=
9, we have now<br>
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; an API Unit Test Framework for EWK.<br>
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; You can run the tests individually or all tests at once by=
 calling the<br>
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; runner script:<br>
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; $ ./Tools/Scripts/run-efl-tests [--debug|--release]<br>
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; The runner was integrated as a step of the build bots runn=
ing tests. The<br>
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; only thing missing now is test coverage, and I hope the EF=
L community can<br>
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; work together at the meta bug tracking the missing tests [=
1]. I strongly<br>
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; recommend if you are working on a test, to add as dependen=
cy to this bug to<br>
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; give visibility to all the developers involved on the task=
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; Another suggestion would be that we do not accept any<br>
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; addition/modification to the APIs if there is no test back=
ing the change.<br>
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; IMO this is aligned to the WebKit best practices and can o=
nly bring benefits<br>
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; to the port.<br>
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; [1] <a href=3D"
0451" target=3D"_blank"></a>=
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; Cheers!<br>
&gt;&gt;&gt; And the unit test framework for WebKit 2 API has just landed! =
Let&#39;s make<br>
&gt;&gt;&gt; unit tests also a requirement for any new API&#39;s and change=
&gt;&gt;&gt; <a href=3D"" ta=
&gt;&gt;&gt; Cheers,<br>
&gt;&gt; Hi,<br>
&gt;&gt; We have now WebKit2 C API and EFL API tests running on the bots [1=
] and<br>
&gt;&gt; instructions for adding/running new EFL WebKit2 API tests [2].<br>
&gt;&gt; Can we make it official that we need unit tests as acceptance crit=
eria for<br>
&gt;&gt; any changes/additions to EFL WebKit2 API and the WebKit2 C API?<br=
&gt;&gt; In any case, please remember to run the tests before submitting pa=
tches. In<br>
&gt;&gt; case of failure, the bots will turn red.<br>
&gt;&gt; [1]<br>
&gt;&gt; <a href=3D"
0Debug/builds/2967/steps/API%20tests/logs/stdio" target=3D"_blank">http://b=

&gt;&gt; [2] <a href=3D"" target=
&gt;&gt; Cheers,<br>
&gt; Hi EWK!<br>
&gt; Recently, when/how/where we should write API unit tests became the<br>
&gt; central point of the comments reviewing bug 91832.<br>
&gt; Once again, I would like to suggest to this list some best practices<b=
&gt; for the EFL port. This will avoid misunderstandings in the future:<br>
&gt; - Every new EFL feature [1] should have unit tests verifying this feat=
&gt; - The patch adding the feature should also contain the unit tests,<br>
&gt; minimizing the time window of having untested code in the trunk. This<=
&gt; is the preferred approach.<br>
&gt; - Alternatively, a test can be written in a separated bug, but the<br>
&gt; feature can only land after the test gets r+. We have enough technical=
&gt; debts [2].<br>
&gt; [1] Features are not just new API, but it also includes things like<br=
&gt; convenience wrappers: <a href=3D"
id=3D94104" target=3D"_blank">
&gt; [2] <a href=3D"" target=
&gt; I would like to add these lines to the WebKitEFL wiki and make it<br>
&gt; official. Any objections?<br>
&gt; Cheers,<br>
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