[webkit-efl] Remove an item in EFL coding style document

Kangil Han kangil.han at samsung.com
Thu Aug 16 04:24:04 PDT 2012

Hi Gyuyoung,
I think you're totally right. J
Kangil Han
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Subject: [webkit-efl] Remove an item in EFL coding style document
Hello EFL folks,
I would like to remove below coding style from EFL port coding style
document. Because, this is not EFL port specific coding style. In my
opinion, EFL port needs to follow WebKit coding style for constant variable.
==  Use const keyword instead of #define when you define constant variable
 const int defaultTileWidth = 256;
 const int defaultTileHeigth = 256;
 #define DEFAULT_TILE_W (256) 
 #define DEFAULT_TILE_H (256)
If there are any objections or feedback, please let me know. :-)
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