[webkit-efl] Need to decide coding style for WebKit2 EFL port.

Raphael Kubo da Costa rakuco at webkit.org
Wed Aug 8 00:29:01 PDT 2012

JongSeok Yang <js45.yang at samsung.com> writes:

> For internal function, I think it's better to use "ewk" prefix like
> GTK port
> ex) ewk_view_load_progress_changed -> ewkViewLoadProgressChanged

How about prefixing the name with an underscore instead?

> For local static function, I think it's better to use just webkit
> style like local functions in ewk_view_loader_client.cpp

This differs from the usual EFL style we use in WK1, which reminds me
that any changes here should be documented in [1].

[1] http://trac.webkit.org/wiki/EFLWebKitCodingStyle

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