[webkit-efl] [HEADS-UP] Patches probably broken

Lucas De Marchi lucas.demarchi at profusion.mobi
Wed Sep 21 16:03:11 PDT 2011


 As part of the coding-style cleanup task I landed today a patch to
change "type *ptr" to "type* ptr". This probably broke a great part of
the patches pending on bugzilla. If you care about them, please make
sure to check if they still apply to tot.

Sorry for this, but it was necessary.

If a patch is not updated and it doesn't apply anymore, probably no
one cares and we should close the bug, right? So, make sure to update
the patches on bugzilla if you want them to be eventually applied. In
other words, don't wait the commit  bot saying your patch could not be
applied anymore, ok?

Lucas De Marchi

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