[webkit-efl] RFC: Changes to the ewk_settings_cache_* API

Raphael Kubo da Costa kubo at profusion.mobi
Wed Nov 9 07:07:28 PST 2011

Ryuan Choi <ryuan.choi at samsung.com> writes:

> I like what you want.
> I have one minor points for the renaming.
> IMO, ewk_view_setting_offline_app_cache_{get,set} also should be considered.

The abbreviation kind of makes sense, but there should be "path" or
"directory" somewhere in the name.

What do you guys think of having the following set of calls in
ewk_settings from now on:

== General purpose ==
 * ewk_settings_repaint_throttling_set
 * ewk_settings_default_timer_interval_get

== Web Database (aka WebSQL) ==
 * ewk_settings_web_database_default_quota_get
 * ewk_settings_web_database_path_set
 * ewk_settings_web_database_path_get

 * ewk_settings_web_database_default_quota_set
 * ewk_settings_web_database_clear

 The last two are new functions.

== Icon Database ==
 * ewk_settings_icon_database_path_set
 * ewk_settings_icon_database_path_get
 * ewk_settings_icon_database_clear
 * ewk_settings_icon_database_icon_surface_get
 * ewk_settings_icon_database_icon_object_add

== Offline Web Apps ==
 * ewk_settings_offline_app_cache_path_get
 * ewk_settings_offline_app_cache_path_set

 These two replace ewk_settings_cache_directory_path_{get,set}.

 * ewk_settings_offline_app_cache_max_quota_get
 * ewk_settings_offline_app_cache_max_quota_set

 These functions are new.

== In-Memory Cache ==
 * ewk_settings_object_cache_capacity_set
 * ewk_settings_memory_cache_clear

 The former is a modified version of ewk_settings_cache_capacity_set,
 and the latter is a new function.

 ewk_settings_cache_enable_{get,set} would be removed.

Raphael Kubo da Costa
ProFUSION embedded systems

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