[webkit-efl] Does anyone use EDJ based custom cursor ?

Ryuan Choi ryuan.choi at samsung.com
Wed Nov 2 19:37:54 PDT 2011

Hello, WebKit/Efl guys.

I'd like to know whether we keep an edj based cursor support.
Now, WebKit/Efl support EDJ based cursor and Ecore_X based cursor.
But, eve and our applications use default.edj which doesn't have cursor related code.

IMO, providing basic cursor-sets is the role of platform library.
and ecore provide Ecore_X_Cursor for X and Ecore_Win32_Cursor for Win32.

So, I'd like to remove EDJ based cursor for the code clean up.
If someone want to use different backend,
I think that we'd better to support related ecore APIs like Ecore_Win32_Cursor.

How do you think about it?
If you are using EDJ based cursor or want to keep it,
please let me know.

Best Regards,
Ryuan Choi

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