[webkit-efl] Remove pre-render priority flags

JungJik Lee jungjik.lee at samsung.com
Mon Aug 1 22:35:37 PDT 2011

Hello, webkit-efl port developer!

I am slowly preparing pre-rendering code to sync with upstream code.
Before I starts in earnest, I try to remove pre-render priority code.
Pre-rendering concept is for drawing tiles outside viewport in idle time.
So it always works after drawing the tiles in viewport.
But there is a priority flags (low,high) to add a request in drawing queue.
I think it is not necessary for the present, might be useful in future.
In upstream code, there is no priority flags for pre-rendering,
I try to remove _Ewk_Tiled_Backing_Store_Pre_Render_Priority to keep pace with upstream.

Thank you for reading!
JungJik Lee

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