[webkit-dev] WebKit Documentation using MkDocs

Brandon Stewart brandonstewart at apple.com
Thu Mar 9 11:12:45 PST 2023


I got feedback that people would prefer not to add Swift as a requirement for building the documentation. Since WebKit relies heavily on Python for large parts of its tooling, I decided to port it over to a popular Python documentation system MkDocs.

This provides a few benefits over the previous solution:
- Improved search across documents
- Python based
- Easier to setup and install (just run pip3 install mkdocs-material)
- Works great across macOS, Linux, and Windows

The repo is located at the same location: https://github.com/WebKit/Documentation

I have been continuing to port over a large amount of the relevant documentation from Trac, but if you notice anything missing please feel free to add it.

Feedback welcome.

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