[webkit-dev] Patch WebKit to support custom Audio I/O handlers

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Wed Dec 20 03:58:30 PST 2023

Dear Everyone!

Currently, we are working on a project that aims to extend Selenium's functionality in regard to the Audio Input and Output, which Selenium currently does not support. The goal is to be able to provide custom audio input/output to an internal website, which we want to test automatically.
For this, we are currently evaluating a rather complex approach involving using special Linux VMs and PulseAudio, thus rerouting the audio through the PulseAudio server.
This approach is, of course, rather unsatisfying and error prone. Which is why we are thinking about forking WebKit and implementing a custom audio backend relaying the audio input and the audio output of the website to a custom handler.

Which is why I want to ask:

  *   I am a novice in the WebKit project, how would you suggest starting this task?
  *   If we really were to go this route, would you be interested in an upstream patch or would you prefer a fork instead?
  *   (off-topic) Are there any different approaches other than the two suggested above?

Yours faithfully,

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