[webkit-dev] ChangeLog Deprecation in WebKit

Frédéric Wang fwang at igalia.com
Tue May 31 02:40:16 PDT 2022

Hello Jonathan,

Probably you are aware of that but 
https://github.com/WebKit/WebKit#contribute / 
https://webkit.org/contributing-code/ still mentions the ChangeLogs and 
old workflow.

Le 16/05/2022 à 22:46, Jonathan Bedard via webkit-dev a écrit :
> Starting tomorrow, Tuesday May 17th, WebKit will no longer be using 
> ChangeLogs and will instead require commit messages in new 
> commits. These were the norm when we started the project, but now they 
> are unusual, antiquated, and get in the way of common git tooling.
> This means that we need a commit message in every patch or PR that's 
> submitted for review. From prior discussion, it is very clear that 
> there are legitimate downsides too, and I want to take this 
> opportunity to suggest recommended paths forward.
> You will need to take action if you:
> - Have a pure-Subversion checkout
> - Draft patches without making local commits
> - Draft patches from multiple local commits
> - Have patches with ChangeLogs already in bugzilla
> - Have pull requests with ChangeLogs
> https://github.com/WebKit/WebKit/wiki/Migration covers migration to 
> GitHub workflows in general, but Tuesday’s change is quite a bit more 
> narrow in its effects. Below I’ve listed the actions you may need to take
> - Have a pure-Subversion checkout
> Follow https://github.com/WebKit/WebKit/wiki/Migration#subversion to 
> clone github.com/WebKit/WebKit <http://github.com/WebKit/WebKit> and 
> start developing from a GitHub checkout. The patch workflow works just 
> as well from a GitHub checkout. One significant difference is that 
> it's not possible to commit directly, but this is going away soon as 
> GitHub becomes the source of truth, so it is probably not worth 
> migrating to git-svn for. Also, some people find git-svn handy to 
> convert between revision formats; we have `git webkit find` as a 
> replacement.
> - Draft patches without making local commits
> Run `git-webkit setup` to configure your local git hooks to provide a 
> WebKit commit-message template. Before running `webkit-patch upload`, 
> run `git commit -a` to create a local commit with all local changes. 
> To amend that commit, run `git commit -a —amend`.
> - Draft patches from multiple local commits
> EWS will test patches with multiple commits in them, but Commit-Queue 
> will not land those patches. If you have a multi-commit patch (or 
> branch) applied locally, you need to squash them. I’d recommend `git 
> rebase -i <base>`. To do this, run `git rebase -i HEAD~3`, git will 
> then open your editor and offer to `pick` the last 3 commits. Keep 
> `pick` for the first listed commit, but use  `squash` for the other 
> two and close your editor, the last 3 commits will be squashed into a 
> single commit.
> - Have patches with ChangeLogs
> Apply your patch with `webkit-patch apply-from-bug <bug-number>`. If 
> we’ve already removed the ChangeLog files from the repository, this 
> patch application will fail. Resolve the conflicts, and commit your 
> local changes and draft a commit message.
> If we haven’t yet removed the ChangeLog files, your patch should 
> apply. In that case, make sure you’ve run `git-webkit setup` and 
> commit your local changes include the ChangeLog. This will create a 
> commit message derived from your ChangeLogs. Then, remove the 
> ChangeLog edits locally, amend your previous commit with `git commit 
> -a —amend` and re-upload your ChangeLog free patch.
> - Have pull requests with ChangeLogs
> Check out your pull request, remove any ChangeLog edits locally and 
> run `git-webkit pr --amend`.
> Jonathan
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Frédéric Wang
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