[webkit-dev] Proposal: Immediate Deprecation of ChangeLogs

Jonathan Bedard jbedard at apple.com
Wed May 11 11:56:34 PDT 2022

Trying to embed previous replies is going to get messy, will be referencing those replies but not embedding them.

Unsafe-Merge-Queue should be very fast, I haven’t seen anything take longer than 10 minutes from label application to landing or rejection. The average case is 3-4 minutes. We’re aware of what the architectural problem with Commit-Queue is that slows down the fast path, Unsafe-Merge-Queue has fixed that. The solution we used isn’t transferable to Commit-Queue.

Manual landing from a Subversion checkout isn’t broken by this proposal (although that is coming very soon), but it will be made much more painful. In my response to Geoff, I said:

    We would be immediately ending support for _landing_ patches posted from a Subversion checkout

This is a deliberately narrow statement. Because SVN doesn’t have local commit messages, we can’t generate (or apply) patches containing commit messages. You can still land from a raw Subversion checkout, but you would need to manually draft a compliant commit message. `git svn dcommit` from a git-svn checkout is also unaffected (and what Commit-Queue and Merge-Queue are using and will continue to use) because git checkouts can apply patches with commit messages.

To R. Niwa’s point that he would “never want to make a local commit”, that’s not going to be possible in the very near future, and there isn’t much we can do tooling wise to change this fact. As mentioned in my initial email, discussions around placing commit messages in files prior to merge for review don’t seem to be headed towards a resolution quickly, and the active harm ChangeLogs are causing to development is making their deprecation more urgent than the aforementioned discussion would seem to be resolving.

Lastly, Chris did mention this, but just to confirm what he said, GitHub checkouts can use `git svn` too, there are a few more “yes, buts” to it (`git svn rebase` is to be avoided), as Chris mentioned, `git-webkit setup-git-svn` does work in GitHub checkouts.

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