[webkit-dev] Request for Position: hidden=until-found HTML attribute and beforematch event

Joey Arhar jarhar at chromium.org
Wed Mar 2 14:33:47 PST 2022

Hello WebKit devs,

I am implementing the hidden=until-found HTML attribute and beforematch
event in Chromium, and I would like to hear WebKit's position on the
Chromestatus entry: https://chromestatus.com/feature/5400510406328320
Spec: https://github.com/whatwg/html/pull/7475

Today, users can't search for content inside collapsed or hidden content in
websites with find-in-page or scroll to text fragment. If the user wants to
search all of the text in a page, it may require manually opening every
expanded section before searching. This feature addresses this problem by
allowing a variation of the hidden HTML attribute to be set on an element,
indicating that it should not be rendered but should allow find-in-page to
still search its contents and automatically reveal it.

This is a more generic version of the auto-expanding details feature:
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