[webkit-dev] Deployment of new EWS Non-Unified builder

Michael Catanzaro mcatanzaro at gnome.org
Wed Jun 1 18:08:42 PDT 2022

On Sat, May 21 2022 at 09:43:06 AM -0500, Michael Catanzaro 
<mcatanzaro at gnome.org> wrote:
> I would go even further and consider enabling unified builds only in 
> DEVELOPER_MODE (for CMake ports). For non-developer builds, 
> compilation time is much less important than limiting RAM usage to 
> reasonable levels. Using ninja's default parallelization level, I 
> recently started hitting OOM failures even on a machine with 64 GB 
> RAM! We have many people complaining that they cannot build on more 
> normal machines with 16 GB RAM. If we have an EWS to ensure the 
> non-unified build actually works, then it should be safe enough to 
> make it the normal supported path for non-developers, rather than 
> just a "best effort, let's hope it works today" thing.

Any objections to this proposal?

I would additionally request that the non-unified EWS also disable 
DEVELOPER_MODE, so we can additionally make sure we don't break the 
build when experimental features tied to that (e.g. WebRTC or LFC) are 
disabled. All the other EWS have DEVELOPER_MODE enabled, and this has 
been a regular problem in the past.


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