[webkit-dev] Deployment of new EWS Non-Unified builder

Ryosuke Niwa rniwa at webkit.org
Wed Jun 1 16:39:39 PDT 2022

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> I feel like this has been discussed adequately in the past, but one more
> time for good measure:
> Any two platforms which don't build the exact same set of files will
> undergo unification differently. That means that unification shifts are an
> inherent part of working on WebKit, embedder or otherwise.
> The only way to be certain that includes are done correctly in a given
> patch is to perform a non-unified build. This would be an unreasonable
> burden for local development, but that's exactly why an EWS builder is
> desirable.
> To have this appear like a non-issue is to ignore the work that Sony and
> Igalia have continually performed through the 5(?) years since unified
> builds were introduced. From experience, I know that it can take a person
> about a day per month to clean up includes on behalf of the entire WebKit
> community.

One day per month for one beginner sounds like a really low maintenance
cost compared to having every WebKit developer fix non-unified builds at
all times.

Each patch should be responsible for getting its own includes correct.

It's unclear that this makes sense given that we can already fix build
failures caused by different set of translation units getting unified for
WebKit ports that have their own EWS bots.

One day per person per month sounds like a totally reasonable cost for us
to ask of ports that don't yet to have EWS setup in the upstream WebKit

Inevitably, such ports already face other more complex build failures
whenever we refactor WebKit or WebCore platform by, say, introducing new
client interface or pure virtual member function that has to be overridden
in each platform / port.

- R. Niwa

- R. Niwa
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