[webkit-dev] Proposal to update WebKitGTK dependency policy

Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez clopez at igalia.com
Thu Feb 17 09:47:12 PST 2022

On 17/02/2022 17:41, Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez via webkit-dev wrote:
> Also if we are going to do this, and we are serious about it, then we
> would need at least two new buildbots at build.webkit.org for testing
> the build on the last two versions of RHEL.
> Is RedHat going to provide the resources for the bots and is going to
> help taking care of things when they broke there?

Maybe with one is enough, to test on the older of the versions of RHEL

That is how we handle the Debian/Ubuntu support: we have the buildbots
configured to build on the older version supported.
Because if it builds on the older it should build on the newer :)

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