[webkit-dev] Request for Position: Fetch Metadata

Patrick Griffis pgriffis at igalia.com
Wed Feb 16 12:43:10 PST 2022

On 2022-02-11 16:15, Patrick Griffis via webkit-dev wrote:
> However Sec-Fetch-User I believe will require more
> significant changes that will have to be exposed to each port. It
> requires knowing if a request was initiated by a user, exact details are
> specified here[2], which I think will require integration at the
> Safari/WebKitGTK/etc layers.

Looking more into this Firefox takes a more heuristic approach to
figuring this out (was there a referrer and what is the request type)
and if that approach works out for WebKit it wouldn't require any
port-specific changes. Chromium itself does just ask the `ui` layer what
type of "transition" caused the request which is more in-line with the

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