[webkit-dev] Running the GTK port on macOS with Docker

Philippe Normand philn at igalia.com
Thu Oct 14 07:21:10 PDT 2021


The WPE/GTK ports nowadays rely on a SDK that provides all the tools
needed for development, it's used on the bots as well. Currently we run
it with Flatpak, but technically, Docker can also be used.

I've actually checked that a GTK MiniBrowser build downloaded from the
bots can run on macOS with Docker, that involves setting up XQuartz,
it's not great, but for quick testing, I wonder if that could be useful
for the Apple folks?

The GTK port could also be built on macOS using this docker setup, the
SDK includes the GCC and clang versions used on the bots.

You can already do this with a VM, but then if you want to use the SDK
it adds another lever of virtualization, which is not great. So
directly using the SDK through Docker seems more appealing, to me at
least :)

WPE can't run, I haven't managed to start Weston with its X11 backend
in XQuartz... Ideally I'd prefer a native Wayland compositor for macOS
but that doesn't seem to exist yet.

Anyway, please let me know if some folks are interested.


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