[webkit-dev] Request for position: Markup based Client Hints delegation for third-party content

Ari Chivukula arichiv at chromium.org
Mon Nov 29 09:46:46 PST 2021

I'd like to get WebKit's position on Markup based Client Hints delegation
for third-party content.

This is to support content negotiation use cases such as differential
serving of variable fonts, color vector fonts, responsive images, and other
third-party content which requires client information lost by user agent
reduction (an ongoing project). For example: variable fonts allow
significantly less font information to be transferred without loss of
functionality, but only works on specific operating systems.

It’s already possible to set a Permissions Policy in the HTTP response
header, but for sites without the ability to modify HTTP headers a HTML
solution would be ideal. This proposes a meta tag which allows delegation
of client hints to third-party origins. These tags could be included in
code-snippets for embedded third-party content for ease of use.

For example, to specify third party requests to https://foo.bar must
include sec-ch-width you could include:
<meta name="accept-ch" content="sec-ch-width=('self' 'https://foo.bar')">

You may still omit the permission policy and rely on the default allowlist
as follows:
<meta name="accept-ch" content="sec-ch-width">

Note that this is the equivalent of the following today:
<meta http-equiv="accept-ch" content="sec-ch-width">

~ Ari Chivukula (Their/There/They're)
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