[webkit-dev] JPEG XL support?

Sami Boukortt sboukortt at google.com
Wed May 5 10:16:30 PDT 2021

Hello WebKit developers,

I am Sami from the team at Google+Cloudinary that is working on JPEG
XL <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JPEG_XL>. We are making good
progress on our integration in the Chrome browser
<https://crbug.com/1178058>, and we would be delighted if there were
support for it in WebKit as well, to make JPEG XL useful to more
users. There appears to be growing interest in using the format (~100
stars on the Chrome bug), including from Facebook (comment #16).

So, we wonder: would you be open to an implementation of JPEG XL
decoding in WebKit using the reference implementation

Many thanks.

Best regards,
Sami Boukortt on behalf of the libjxl team

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