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Thu Jun 10 12:03:32 PDT 2021

Hi Elad,

At the time of getDisplayMedia design, people advocated against the ability
for a web page to influence or restrict user choice, for security reasons.
Doesn't this property go against that conscious design decision? What is
your security analysis here?

Also, getCurrentViewPort is trying to solve the same problem, in a safer
way (site-isolation), without a device picker. Isn't this a better solution
than preferCurrentTab?
Or are you restricting preferCurrentTab to some specific tabs? Or do you
see that as a short-term solution that would become irrelevant when
getCurrentViewPort is available?

Finally, User Agents are free to remember past user choices so that prompts
can be updated in case a web page is often self-captured by a user.
Has Chrome tried such approaches that do not require a new API?

Le mer. 9 juin 2021 à 13:20, Elad Alon via webkit-dev <
webkit-dev at lists.webkit.org> a écrit :

> This is a request for WebKit's position on adding a dictionary member in
> MediaStreamConstraints called preferCurrentTab. If preferCurrentTab is set
> to true, the user agent will display the current tab as the most prominent
> option in the media-picker which getDisplayMedia invokes.
> Links:
>    - Explainer
>    <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Og-TUBJQ4SAgReBr7xrd7y-0ZwkjGJMCqBnzDv7_-vs/edit?usp=sharing>
>    - Spec <https://eladalon1983.github.io/prefer-current-tab/>
>    - ChromeStatus
>    <https://www.chromestatus.com/guide/edit/5045313003847680>
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