[webkit-dev] Network Information API reboot: request for early feedback

Thomas Steiner tomac at google.com
Tue Aug 31 00:36:42 PDT 2021

> I'm going to stop replying to this thread going forward since I have other
> things to do but please note that my lack of future response does not, in
> any way, constitute a lack of signal or acceptance of an argument, idea, or
> amendment to the proposal.

> Apple's WebKit team is against this proposal like we were with the old
> API, and that's not going to change unless a substantial amendment is made
> to address all of the concerns we've raised thus far (as well as any new
> concerns we may raise in the future) for this proposal and the old API.

Thanks for the discussion and for taking a clear stance. I know you were
going to stop replying, but so far you have only argued about the `metered`
part of the proposal. Any word on the proposed `sustainedSpeed` attribute?
One way a vendor could implement this API would be to always report `false`
for `metered` (despite the actual value potentially being another) and
still report connection speed data via `sustainedSpeed`.

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