[webkit-dev] Network Information API reboot: request for early feedback

Thomas Steiner tomac at google.com
Mon Aug 30 06:54:02 PDT 2021

> OK, so you are using the existing OS-level network interface settings.
> At least on Linux, that is a heuristic-based per-interface setting with
> a manual override.

That's great. It's an entirely manual setting on Android and Windows, but I
imagine certain rules like "SSID is 'Android AP'" already would go a long
way. The way this signal is obtained is not part of the proposal, the
proposal barely focuses on reflecting what the OS provides. This does not
mean browsers couldn't add an override, but it definitely does mean that
the browser is in no way involved with guessing if the current network is
metered or not.

> > None of this happens without the user voluntarily  revealing the
> > information.
> How would that possibly work? A new type of permission prompt? It's
> easy for users to decide whether a website should have geolocation or
> microphone access, but the risk here is just extra entropy, which is
> going to be real hard to explain to users.

The current thinking is that there would be no additional permission
needed. Note that the proposal reduces the overall entropy compared to the
current API, which exposes more information:
https://wicg.github.io/netinfo/#networkinformation-interface (compared to

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