[webkit-dev] Request for Position on AccessHandles for the Origin Private File System

Emanuel Krivoy fivedots at chromium.org
Mon Aug 9 07:16:31 PDT 2021

Hello webkit-dev,

We would like to get an official position on AccessHandles (
https://github.com/WICG/file-system-access/blob/main/AccessHandle.md), an
extension to the Origin Private File System that brings very performant
access to data. This new surface differs from existing ones by offering
in-place and exclusive write access to a file’s content. This change, along
with the ability to consistently read unflushed modifications and the
availability of a synchronous variant on dedicated workers, significantly
improves performance and unblocks new use cases for the File System Access

We had requested a position on a previous iteration of this API:
This new proposal is a response to feedback that Storage Foundation seemed
to duplicate existing functionality and should be integrated into the File
System Access API.

Thank you,
Emanuel Krivoy
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