[webkit-dev] Request for a position on the Idle Detection API

Reilly Grant reillyg at google.com
Wed Oct 28 16:56:15 PDT 2020

Greetings WebKit engineers,

I would like to request an official position from the WebKit team on the
emerging Idle Detection API <http://wicg.github.io/idle-detection>
I am aware that this API was included in a list of APIs
<https://webkit.org/tracking-prevention/> which you have decided not to
implement due to fingerprinting concerns. I assume that this objection was
based on the original explainer provided for this API. Since that list was
posted the API has been extended to include a permission that sites must
acquire before being granted access to user presence signals. I would like
to start a conversation to understand the fingerprinting risks you foresee
from this API.
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Reilly Grant
Software Engineer
reillyg at google.com
Google Chrome
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