[webkit-dev] WebKit Transition to Git

Michael[tm] Smith mike at w3.org
Wed Oct 7 21:19:35 PDT 2020

Adrian Perez de Castro <aperez at igalia.com>, 2020-10-08 00:49 +0300:
> ...
> Also with Git{Hub,Lab} it's an annoyance that one has to go through the web
> interface to create a “pull request”.

But it’s not hard to create tooling that completely eliminates the need to
ever use the GitHub web UI to create pull requests, right? And specifically,
I think we already have some good examples of automating integration of pull-
request creation into existing workflows for browser-project engineers.

https://github.com/web-platform-tests/wpt/pulls for example, is one well-known
place in the overall browser-project world where PR creation is hooked closely
into existing browser-project workflows and automation/CI; specifically:

* https://github.com/web-platform-tests/wpt/pulls/chromium-wpt-export-bot
* https://github.com/web-platform-tests/wpt/pulls/moz-wptsync-bot

Those are the pull-request histories for all tests that have been automatically
upstreamed from the Chromium and Firefox projects to WPT through PRs.

And yeah those are PRs for tests, not browser source-code patches, but it’s easy
to imagine how patch handling too — or any part of a browser-project workflow
that makes use of pull requests — could be integrated into a GitHub repo without
the need for engineers to use the GitHub web UI to do PR creation directly.


P.S. As far as whether it’s ever necessary to use the GitHub web UI for PR
creation even in the general case: I create a lot of GitHub PRs for a
variety of projects, and I pretty much never use the GitHub Web UI to
create them. Instead I just use https://hub.github.com/ from the command
line. And there’s https://cli.github.com/ and other CLI tools for doing it.

Michael[tm] Smith https://people.w3.org/mike
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