[webkit-dev] Request for position on Pointer Lock Unadjusted Movement Option

James Hollyer jameshollyer at google.com
Mon Oct 5 12:58:51 PDT 2020

Hi webkit-dev,

I'd like to request an official position on the Pointer Lock Unadjusted
Movement Option.

Best explainer is in the commit message here
Issue: https://github.com/w3c/pointerlock/issues/36
HTML Spec PR: https://github.com/w3c/pointerlock/pull/49
Chromestatus: https://www.chromestatus.com/feature/5723553087356928

Other information:

This is a change to the Pointer Lock spec to allow for an option to disable
OS level mouse adjustments. This is a highly requested feature from multiple
new web based gaming platforms. While in trials of this feature a Promise
structure was requested and added.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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