[webkit-dev] WebKit position on Paint Timing / (first paint, first contentful paint)

Noam Rosenthal noam at webkit.org
Sun Mar 1 14:07:17 PST 2020

> The first visually non-empty milestone almost always happens way before
> this point. The above is just a fallback to make sure we eventually hit
> this milestone. For example, if a document is totally blank even after
> loading the document and all subresources, we want to paint it instead of
> waiting forever.
> The visually non-empty heuristic is elsewhere.
> Note that WebKit would consider the paint triggered by the above fallback
> code to be both a first paint and “first visually non-empty paint” or
> “first meaningful paint”, which somewhat corresponds to Chrome’s notion of
> “first contentful paint”.
> First paint can only happen earlier under even more unusual circumstances,
> I believe there is a timeout after which we will paint even if all we can
> paint is blank white or background color.
> But let's take the specifics to Slack/bugzilla?
> I think it would be good for you to talk to people who understand WebKit’s
> layout/paint milestones in detail before taking things to bugzilla. Ask on
> Slack, and I’ll point you to the right people.
Oops, just saw this, an initial (not for review) patch is already in
bugzilla :)
But I'll continue the discussion - I have better idea of what to ask now.
Who would be the right people to ask?
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