[webkit-dev] Switching open source Debug bots to building and testing with configuration --force-opt=O3

Alex Christensen achristensen at apple.com
Thu Jun 18 09:44:24 PDT 2020

It sounds to me like Mark’s suggestion does not lose anything.  It’s just for JSC “Debug” which currently is not running because it’s too slow.  If he called it “ReleaseWithAssert” it would make it more clear what is going on and we would all appreciate the additional information those bots provide.

> On Jun 17, 2020, at 9:48 PM, Simon Fraser <simon.fraser at apple.com> wrote:
> I also object to losing good stack traces for crashes on Debug bots.
> Also, I don't think Debug bots should build something different from what I build at my desk.
> Simon
>> On Jun 17, 2020, at 1:36 PM, Mark Lam <mark.lam at apple.com <mailto:mark.lam at apple.com>> wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> We're planning to switch the JSC EWS bot and build.webkit.org <http://build.webkit.org/> Debug build and test bots to building with the following set first:
>> ./Tools/Scripts/set-webkit-configuration --force-opt=O3
>> This means the Debug builds will be built with optimization level forced to O3.
>> Why are we doing this?
>> 1. So that the JSC EWS will start catching ASSERT failures.
>> 2. JSC stress test Debug bots have been timing out and not running tests at all.  Hopefully, this change will fix this issue.
>> 3. Tests will run to completion faster and we’ll catch regressions sooner.
>> The downside: crash stack traces will be like Release build stack traces.  But I don’t think we should let this deter us.  It’s not like there’s no stack information.  And just as we do with debugging Release build test failures, we can always do a Debug build locally to do our debugging.
>> We would like to apply this change to all Debug build and test bots, not just the JSC ones.  Does anyone strongly object to this change?
>> Thanks.
>> Cheers,
>> Mark
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