[webkit-dev] Request for position on a Link header to use Signed HTTP Exchanges to load subresources

Tsuyoshi Horo horo at chromium.org
Wed Aug 12 18:06:46 PDT 2020

Hi Webkit-Dev,

We're preparing to ship an extension to the HTTP Link header to allow a
source site to tell the browser that subresources of a page it's
prenavigating to, may be retrieved as signed exchanges from the source
site. We're aware that you currently oppose the existence of signed
exchanges, but we'd still appreciate your thoughts on the new use of `Link:
…; rel=alternate; anchor=...`.

 - Explainer:


And also we'd welcome any updates on WebKit’s position about Signed HTTP

Signed HTTP Exchanges
 - Explainer:
 - Specification:
   Signed Exchanges format:

   Loading signed exchanges:
 - ChromeStatus: https://chromestatus.com/feature/5745285984681984

Signed HTTP Exchange was launched in Chrome 73 (released in March 2019).
We are planning on shipping this extension to the HTTP link header. We
believe that this extension makes Signed HTTP Exchanges more useful, i.e.
applicable beyond  the AMP specific use-case we’ve had so far.

Thank you.
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