[webkit-dev] Error "Unknown architecture." on ppc64le and s390x

Eike Rathke erack at redhat.com
Thu Nov 28 13:15:12 PST 2019


In Fedora rawhide WebKitGTK 2.27.3 fails to build on ppc64le and s390x with

... -c ../Source/JavaScriptCore/llint/LLIntOffsetsExtractor.cpp
In file included from ../Source/JavaScriptCore/heap/Heap.h:31,
                 from ../Source/JavaScriptCore/heap/DeferGC.h:29,
                 from ../Source/JavaScriptCore/runtime/ConcurrentJSLock.h:28,
                 from ../Source/JavaScriptCore/bytecode/ArrayProfile.h:28,
                 from ../Source/JavaScriptCore/llint/LLIntOffsetsExtractor.cpp:29:
../Source/JavaScriptCore/heap/GCMemoryOperations.h:125:2: error: #error "Unknown architecture."
  125 | #error "Unknown architecture."
      |  ^~~~~
../Source/JavaScriptCore/heap/GCMemoryOperations.h:241:2: error: #error "Unknown architecture."
  241 | #error "Unknown architecture."
      |  ^~~~~
../Source/JavaScriptCore/heap/GCMemoryOperations.h:299:2: error: #error "Unknown architecture."
  299 | #error "Unknown architecture."
      |  ^~~~~
In file included from ../Source/JavaScriptCore/llint/LLIntOffsetsExtractor.cpp:28:
../Source/JavaScriptCore/bytecode/ArithProfile.h:263:38: warning: comparison of promoted ~unsigned with unsigned [-Wsign-compare]
  263 |     static_assert(specialFastPathBit > ~clearLhsObservedTypeBitMask, "These bits should not intersect and specialFastPathBit should be a higher bit.");
      |                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
In file included from ../Source/JavaScriptCore/heap/Heap.h:31,
                 from ../Source/JavaScriptCore/heap/DeferGC.h:29,
                 from ../Source/JavaScriptCore/runtime/ConcurrentJSLock.h:28,
                 from ../Source/JavaScriptCore/bytecode/ArrayProfile.h:28,
                 from ../Source/JavaScriptCore/llint/LLIntOffsetsExtractor.cpp:29:
../Source/JavaScriptCore/heap/GCMemoryOperations.h: In instantiation of 'void JSC::gcSafeZeroMemory(T*, size_t) [with T = JSC::WriteBarrierBase<JSC::Unknown, WTF::DumbValueTraits<JSC::Unknown> >; size_t = long unsigned int]':
../Source/JavaScriptCore/runtime/JSObject.h:1183:101:   required from here
../Source/JavaScriptCore/heap/GCMemoryOperations.h:253:40: warning: unused parameter 'dst' [-Wunused-parameter]
  253 | ALWAYS_INLINE void gcSafeZeroMemory(T* dst, size_t bytes)
      |                                     ~~~^~~

Reason apparently is that for USE(JSVALUE64) the path
is hit but only implemented for CPU(X86_64) and CPU(ARM64)

As a quick remedy patching those places out to something like
for those architectures probably should work to use "the other"
implementation, have to try.

Other than that, the #if directives should cater for unknown CPU values
and use the default non-GCC implementation.


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