[webkit-dev] MathML Refresh Heads up

Frédéric Wang fwang at igalia.com
Wed Mar 20 05:30:33 PDT 2019

On 16/03/2019 00:29, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> It’s easier for us to check Apple Books and iOS App compatibility for
> a batch of possible removals at once, instead of one at a time. We can
> start by looking at the set of items below.
> It’s helpful to give a heads-up other than the normal review process,
> because our main concern is compatibility, and not all reviewers will
> be able to easily access the corpus of app-specific or books-specific
> content that may be affected. 
> We assume web compatibility is not a major issue since MathML isn’t in
> all browsers and in general is not widely used on websites, but there
> might also be some value in doing web usage analysis for these
> features if there’s any meaningful web usage of MathML at all.

We'll try to provide heads-up on this mailing list and will work with
the MathML Refresh CG in order to get more statistics. Having data from
Apple products would be very useful, here are some first questions (this
includes elements/attributes/values raised by the CG for
removal/deprecation but most have not been decided yet):

* Usage statistics for MathML elements used. More specifically, which of
the following elements are used: munder, mover, msub, msup, msubsup,
mlabeledtr, merror, mphantom, maction, mglyph, mfenced, mstyle, ms

* Usage statistics for MathML attributes. More specifically, which of
the following attributes are used: mathvariant, numalign, denomalign,
align (on munderover/munder/mover elements), bevelled, subscripshift,
superscriptshift, other, macros, mode, fontfamily, index, fontfamily,
fontweight, fontstyle, fontsize, color, background,
veryverythinmathspace, verythinmathspace, thinmathspace,
mediummathspace, thickmathspace, verythickmathspace, veryverythickmathspace

* Usage statistics for MathML attributes on the mstyle and math
elements. More specifically, do mstyle elements use any attribute other
than displaystyle, dir, mathsize, mathbackground, mathcolor,
mathvariant, scriptlevel?

* Attribute values. Is any of the following attribute used?
  - linethickness attribute with value "thin", "thick" or "medium"
  - mathsize attribute with value "small", "normal" or "big"
  - attribute with value a nonzero number without unit (e.g. "4") other
than scriptlevel
  - attribute with value "veryverythinmathspace", "verythinmathspace",
"thinmathspace", "mediummathspace", "thickmathspace",
"verythickmathspace" or "veryverythickmathspace".
  - notation attribute containing the value "radical" (e.g.
notation="radical circle")
  - attribute with leading or trailing white space characters (U+0020,
U+0009, U+000A, U+000D or U+000C). For example width=" 5em ".

* Trailing/leading whitespace in token elements (mi, mtext, mn, mo,
mtext, ms). Do token elements contain text content with leading or
trailing white space characters (U+0020, U+0009, U+000A, U+000D or
U+000C). For example <mi> x </mi>.


Frédéric Wang

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